Paella delivery or paella caterer at home and also paella kit through major events and festivals, Paella Marisol is the stop in Paella!

Paella Marisol the art of making a paella at home

For several years, Paella Marisol has been promoting paella through her paella catering service specializing in giant paellas and participate at major festivals in Quebec and Ontario.

In 2020, Paella Marisol wants to democratize the art of making paella at home by launching her very first retail product. A paella set containing all the key non-perishable ingredients needed to cook an authentic paella from the comfort of your home.

The set is designed and assembled in Montreal and the ingredients are exclusively imported from Spain.

Cooking paella at home has never been so easy!

The set contains the following ingredients, in the exact quantities of the recipe to make your paella at home.

  • A paella Valencia enamelled steel pan

  • Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil

  • Broth mix

  • Spanish Spices

  • Bomba Valencia rice

  • high quality Spanish Saffron

  • Ñora

  • Easy paella recipe