Through its paella catering service, Paella Marisol promotes the paella

Paella Marisol has taken part in several major festivals to promote paella.

Paella Marisol democratizes and promotes paella with her paella catering service and festivals to connect and enlarge our family, one meal at a time.

Paella Marisol democratizes the art of making a paella

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5 giant paellas cooking on site by Marisol, the founder of Paella Marisol in front of customers
giant paella cook on site at a foodtruck festival


Be a creator of experiential and gastronomic moments.


Connect our relationships in order to expand our family, one meal at a time.


Of Spanish parents, born in Bolivia, Marisol Raposo will create in 2010 his catering company Paella Marisol. It is an alliance between his pleasure to receive, his exotic culinary knowledge and his entrepreneurial sense that will bring a world his company specialized in giant paellas.


Businesswoman, but above all a mother, bringing together all the people dear to her around the same meal has always been her passion. A warm-blooded woman who enjoys feasting and experiencing memorable moments at every meal.


Over time, she has passed on this essence, this ”raison d’être” to her children, Krolos and Victor who will quickly decide to join the family business in order to make live happy and unforgettable moments for even more people.