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About Us

Paella Marisol

Born in Bolivia to parents of Spanish origin, Marisol Raposo founded Paella Marisol in 2010. Very quickly, her sons, Victor and Krolos, embarked on this family adventure. What was originally a catering company specializing in the preparation of paella is now much more: Paella Marisol, in addition to offering a catering service, is present in many gastronomic festivals each year and offers a range of variety of Spanish products.

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A businesswoman, but above all a mother, Marisol is at the heart of our company. Her pleasure in hosting and her exotic culinary knowledge have given life to Paella Marisol since its inception.

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His passion for business and entrepreneurship led him to join the family business in 2016. Krolos takes great pride in pushing Paella Marisol to new heights.


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Discover our roles inspired by Spain

Composed of maestros, maestritos, toreadors, flamencos and sols, our passionate team is dedicated to creating unforgettable gastronomic moments.

The maestros are the conductors. They lead the way.

The maestritos are the right arms of the maestros. They are able to cook 4 giant paellas at the same time!

The toreadors are our cooks. They prepare delicious paellas for a 1…2…3…Olé!

The flamencos take care of the cash register. They steal the show on their own!

The sols make the team shine. They are videographers, photographers, marketing managers, and more!

Our Mission

At Paella Marisol we are passionate about the art of paella. We are committed to providing unique and festive culinary experiences in Quebec through our catering service, our presence at festivals and our range of authentic Spanish products. We believe in the importance of creating moments of sharing around the table.

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Our Values

We believe in the importance of family, authenticity and dynamism.

Our Vision

Connecting our relationships from near and far to expand our family, one meal at a time.