It is essential to use a flat-bottomed pan . This makes it possible to distribute the rice evenly and thus obtain optimal cooking . The flat bottom allows all the ingredients to infuse and absorb the maximum of flavours. The enamelled steel pan is very easy to handle and  to clean and is also a fairly traditional version of the paella pan.

Our own blend of spices is an exclusive importation from Spain :

Garlic, turmeric, cloves, bay leaves, nutmeg, paprika, parsley, black pepper, rosemary, saffron (2%), salt and thyme.

We have developed the right balance between all of these spices to bring out all of the flavours of the paella and give it that authentic taste of Spain.


Called the “King of Rice” for paella, Bomba rice is grown in Valencia and is considered of superior quality. Indeed, this dry round rice can absorb 3 times its volume in broth compared to others that only absorb twice their volume. This allows the rice to imbibe more taste while maintaining its size.


Called ” Red Gold “, saffron is a spice that has always been present in traditional Spanish cuisine. Although many people use saffron to colour their dishes, saffron is actually activates and enhances the taste of all the ingredients that come with it.


Extra virgin olive oil enables to enhance the taste of the ingredients that go into the composition of a paella.

Compared to sunflower oil, Extra virgin olive oil, when heated, undergoes much less alterations because it contains more monounsaturated fatty acids. The ingredients absorb less olive oil which has the effect of making the paella more digestible.

It is a versatile ingredient of Spanish cuisine that gives a distinct colour and flavour. It is a slightly sweet ingredient with an intense aroma without being too spicy. This vegetable is generally used in the manufacture of paprika powder.

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