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What do a company’s employé.es have in common? They are all linked to the mission of their company. With Marisol, they will also be bound by the design of a warm paella that will reinvigorate the sense of belonging to their work.

Leave us your details so that we can contact you within a maximum of 48 hours to offer you a personalized package to your company.

Private Chef

Live the experience of one of our two maestros who will show you how to make an authentic paella in the comfort of your kitchen. Your employé.es will receive a paella kit that will include everything to make this dish without difficulty.


This online cooking class involves 45 minutes of zoom activity. In this time, all the employé.es will prepare in their kitchen their paella and will be able to socialize while at the same time being able to see the progress of their colleague. To make paella, it will simply lack the proteins and vegetables to add to the recipe.

Natural product

Our products are 100% natural. This means that they do not contain GMOs, that they are allergen-free, that they do not contain any gluten. In addition, we have a vegan option.

Logistics and prices

For all that is the delivery method, we can deliver the paella sets to one or more addresses. Just contact us to find the best arrangement. Just like for the prices, we will offer you a package oriented to your needs with corporate discounts.

Private cooking class Marisol

Try this team experience. You will be able to live a unique experience between co-workers!

Ratings from satisfied customers

"Many thanks for the delicious evening yesterday! Not only was it very pleasant and informative, but our dinner afterwards was simply delicious! It tasted like the sky!! Everyone loved it.

I recommend refills today to be able to repeat the experience!"