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Riz Bomba seul 2

It goes without saying that Bomba rice is an essential ingredient in the preparation of paella. But did you know that there are nearly 40,000 varieties of rice, each with different properties and characteristics? At Paella Marisol, the choice of rice is crucial to creating the best authentic paella. Discover the major rice categories and why Bomba rice from Valencia will always be our favorite.

The 3 major rice categories

  1. Long-grain rice
Long-grain rice

This rice is characterized by its slender elongated grains that remain slightly firm after cooking. Its subtle flavor makes it a popular choice in many cuisines around the world, especially in South Asia and the Middle East. It is perfect for cooking pilafs, curries, or even fried rice. Here are some examples of long-grain rice varieties:

  1. Medium-grain rice
Medium-grain rice

Medium-grain rice is shorter and plumper than long-grain rice. It is known for its tender and fluffy texture after cooking, making it the perfect companion for sushi or risotto. Here are some examples of medium-grain rice varieties:

  1. Short-grain rice
Bomba Rice

Comme son nom l’indique, ce riz se distingue par ses grains gros et arrondis. It is rich in starch, allowing it to absorb a lot of liquid and flavors. It is particularly appreciated for its creamy texture, which makes it highly versatile in cooking. It is ideal for rice desserts like mochi or puddings and, you may have guessed it… paella! Here are some examples of short-grain rice varieties:

Bomba rice from Valencia, a must-have at Paella Marisol

Bomba rice from Valencia is a round-grain rice variety native to Spain, used in the preparation of paella. Its exceptional absorption capacity allows it to capture and express the flavors of seafood, meat, vegetables, and spices perfectly. That’s why the taste of ñora and rosemary comes through so well in every bite of paella! Moreover, the creamy texture of Bomba rice is so enjoyable that you can’t stop eating it!

Did you know?
Bomba rice can absorb three times its volume in water.
Paella Marisol Catering

At Paella Marisol, we pay special attention to the quality of our rice to offer as authentic and flavorful paellas as possible. That’s why we import our grains directly from Valencia, the birthplace of Bomba rice.

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