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The products contained as a whole are all of exclusive imports from Spain. We work directly with manufacturers and design the best products to design this set.

  • Rice: Valencia
  • Spices: Paella Marisol recipe produced in Alicante without dye
  • Pan: Valencia
  • Nora: Alicante
  • Budding saffron: Novelda

The creation and assembly of the complex is carried out in Montreal

  • Yes, all our products are gluten-free.
  • Yes, our stove works on ALL surfaces. Gas stove, electric stove, induction stove, even on the barbecue!
  • First of all, we should know that our sets were designed and calculated by people with an excellent appetite! So if you take the exact number of people you want to serve, you’ll have plenty!
  • In all 4 to 8 people, you have double all the ingredients found in the set of 2 to 4 people.
  • 2 to 4 people – 30 cm the paella pan
  • 4 to 8 people – 38 cm the paella pan
  • In the bag containing our exclusive mix of paella spices, you will also find broth. This is necessary in the cooking of a paella. You don’t have to break your head, everything has been calculated beforehand.
  • In order to cater to our vegetarian clientele, we now offer the option with vegetable broth. So our set and our refill with vegetable broth is 100% vegan!
  • In both you will find absolutely the same non-perishable ingredients to make a succulent paella at home.
  • In the paella set you will find the paella pan that does NOT FIND in the refill. Otherwise, for everything else it’s the same thing.
  • All utensils can be used, but we recommend more metal and wood beyond plastic. As the pan becomes very hot, the plastic can be damaged by heat.
  • We recommend diced chicken breasts. However, if you want to use other part (thighs, pestle etc.), there is no problem, just adjust the cooking time upwards to make sure your meat is well cooked.
  • We recommend cooked, non-dry chorizo. We often use Salamina’s chorizo in our private events and festivals.
  • Of course! We even encourage you to think outside the box and incorporate all the ingredients you like into your paella. Paella Marisol provides you with the basis to succeed your paella, then let your imagination run wild to add the perishable ingredients of your choice.
  • For information some of our customers have already tried:
    Paella Brunch; with beer bacon, artichokes and eggs (see our Instagram for a photo)
  • Unfortunately, it has not been tested. Therefore, we cannot comment on that. Our recommendation would be to wash it by hand.
  • Did you know that our cotton rice bag is 100% biodegradable? So you can have it in your compost.
  • Otherwise, here are some interesting uses for your cotton bag:
    Bread bag, sandwich and pastry
    Electronic pouch: to keep your cables and USB sticks clean and protected
    Mini storage bag: to keep your keys, cards and money
    Board games: Your scrabbles and lego tiles now have a small protective bag
    Jewelry kit: Ideal for jewelry when you go on a trip
  • Bulk is indeed part of a future project, but currently we are not in any bulk grocery stores. However, you can buy our products in greater quantities in the online grocery section of our website.