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Mega paella kit contains:

Paella equipment rental and paella ingredients

Paella Marisol offers paella equipment rental and delivers all the paella ingredients needed to cook a beautiful and MEGA authentic paella!

Tired of traditional BBQ? A short trip to your outdoor yard is a must with Paella Marisol! This set contains absolutely EVERYTHING you need to live a LIVE experience of your own and from 10 guests!

10 to 15 servings |15 to 30 servings | 30 to 50 servings

As an option, you can choose your protein and you will have a paella in your image!

Mega paella kit - Spanish BBQ Contains:

Location d'équipement à paella pour faire une paella géante à la maison grâce au méga kit à paella
Le méga kit à paella inclut la location d'équipement à paella avec le bruleur à paella et les ingrédients à paella pour faire une paella géante à la maison
  • Paella equipment rental:

    • Burner, windbreaker and giant paella stove for 10 guests for the weekend!

  • Non-perishable paella ingredients:

    • 1 kg Bomba rice from Valencia

    • 250 ml olive oil

    • 40g Spanish spices

    • 140g broth mixture

    • 3 Ñoras

    • Family recipe – video tutorial

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